Welcome to ADMCO

  • We are a rapid growth Bitcoin/Blockchain development company being carried by our extensive tech experience and innvotive thought processes.
  • Not only do we mine crypto-currencies, but we optimize software and hardware and we are constantly looking for ways to expand and innvoate with the systems that have grown this company.
  • Would you like to be part of the Crypto-currency growth story? Currently you can work with us and get paid in the process.
  • Whether you like new, exciting trends or you want to try and make a few extra dollars, our process can help you in your endeavor.

How it works:

  • Instead of buying cards, hardware, software and running computers in your home to an excess of 35 degrees C, you can let us handle that part of the work: you purchase them through ADMCO and we operate them.
  • We construct, optimize and host all the equipment, and you simply contribute an amount you are comfortable with to purchase a piece of the assets that are already working.
  • Whether you want to purchase miners worth $5000, $15,000, $35,000 or even $200,000, our current systems can handle your investment and you can start earning Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • While purchasing crypto mining systems can be risky and may not be for everyone, there is also good potential upside for your purchase.
  • Based on past performance, some of our clients have seen payouts that add up to 20 or 30% annually of what they invested. As we know, past performance may not always be indicative of future performance, our teams monitor the mining, crypto values and other details very closely.
  • Should the worst case scenario happen and crypto-currencies become unviable, you will receive a proportional return from the equipment sales, based on your share in the overall asset pool to which you have subscribed.

Get more info:

  • Would you like to learn more about investing in Crypto Currency mining and find out how you could start earning Bitcoin?
  • Are you ready to invest in a company that has a solid track record and vision for rapid growth?

Please contact us and one of the company owners will get back to you right away: