• Data Processing Innovation
  • GPU SQL solutions

Machine Learning & Data analytics

Machine learning is the ability to complete trillions of computations for blockchain applications in the field of mining is a great asset for deep learning algorithms. Nvidia’s RTX 2000 series incorporates specialized hardware called Tensor Cores that are ideal for neural network training and processing.

Data processing can refer to a number of individual processing aspects. In our case, ADMCO is actively looking to partner with businesses (buyers and sellers) that can use or provide processing power. As a crypto-currency mining company, ADMCO is a natural position to get creative and innovative with processing resources.  GPU, CPU and also advanced processors can be synchronized for uses beyond Blockchain and Ethereum mining and provide powerful resources to other aspects of the industry.

We will be exploring the following areas of research on our blog and through other resource areas:

  • Processing power for Artificial Intelligence and what it means for machine learning
  • Distributed / outsourced processing power for graphical and video rendering services
  • Hash power for coin and token startup (ICO / IPO / SPO) mining partnerships, supportive mining and other interventions
  • Data/ image processing for science (such as the Genome project)

GPU Database Acceleration & SQL solutions

The performance of the GPUs in this field can ultimately provide transparent acceleration of database workloads. Analytics typically perform a small number of simple calculations on large amounts of data, often hundreds of gigabytes to petabytes of data.

GPUs are dedicated highly parallel hardware accelerators that sit on the PCI bus. The huge number of parallel computation engines provided by these devices accelerate tasks that require large numbers of computations on small amounts of data.

Analytics typically perform a small number of simple calculations on large amounts of data, often hundreds of gigabytes to petabytes of data.

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3D Rendering Processing Rentals

GPUs are great for graphics because 3D imaging requires millions of computations on every image. The workload patterns here are similar in that they also require the performance of GPUs to complete large projects faster. By renting out this equipment or processing power we have the ability to decrease production time of rendering tasks for companies that perform tasks involving visual production, including but not limited to 3D rendering and CGI workloads.