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Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Ripple and other buzz words are being tossed around. What is Bitcoin investing? How do you do it? What are the risks? These are all valid questions and topics that we explore everyday with Bitcoin and Blockchain professionals.

To break it down into simple terms, we can discuss a few ways that you could quickly and easily get into the Bitcoin game without too much risk. There are a ton of resources available and as with any potentially speculative investment or purchase, don’t sell your house or take out a loan to get into it. Get educated, try some purchases, try some mining and then see where things go.

Buy into mining

What is “Bitcoin Mining?” In simple terms, you take a processor (like a CPU – the brain of your computer; or a GPU, which is in your graphics card for gaming) and put it to work solving equations that are used to secure the Bitcoin chain. Even simply put, this sounds complex, but it really boils down to trading effort (from your computer) for compensation (a portion of the crypto coin) that results from that effort.

Some people setup their own operations in their basements, sheds, garages, and spend thousands of dollars to get the equipment. If you’re sure about the ROI (or Return on Investment), this is a fun (albeit time consuming) operation to setup.

If you’re looking for a way to get into mining without a full hardware setup, ADMCO also has some options you can explore.

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